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Seven Social Graces, and a Picture

Taking a break from poems today, these two presumably come from the sunpaper in Baltimore:

Q – You once listed seven social graces for children which I kept for a long time. I wish you would write more about manners for children and give us this list again with explanations.
My children are reaching the point where they need this kind of guidance and I am not always sure myself what to tell them.

A – Here are those seven social graces for children.  Clip them out.  In subsequent columns I will take one point at a time.

1 – How to greet and take leave of others

2 – How to express thanks.

3 – How to excuse themselves or express regret.

4 – How and for what to give praise.

5 – How to carry on and end a conversation.

6 – How to conduct themselves in public places.

7 – How to make themselves physically presentable.

Unfortunately, I have yet to locate the rest of these columns, else I would post them (and will if I find them).

Next up, a picture I scanned in.  This one has my grandfather in it.  It’s right in front of the Baltimore Gas and Electric building where he used to work. A local Lutheran church had released balloons with messages from people who had donated money towards ending world hunger. Guess it didn’t work, but I like the picture.

Pop-Pop and Balloons

    July 29, 2009 at 11:31 am

    JUST teach your child to respect others in ways they can understand; what they should and not to do. Right and wrong should always be in their mind, and they can evaluate everything without you always by their side.

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