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An untitled poem

February 2, 2009 3 comments

Back to poems today, this one, untitled and unattributed found among my grandmother’s papers:

She thought when night had finally ended day.
Dear Lord tonight I am too tired to pray
And wearily she closed her eyes in sleep.
Slipping far into the shadows deep.

Up in Heaven the dear Lord heard and smiled
Today she soothed a little crying child.
She stopped her work to take old Ella Koop
A fragrant warming bowl of her good soup.
Her house was orderly, her garden tended
Her children fed, their clothes all clean and mended.

Her husband home from work found happiness
And quiet peace in her deep gentleness.
The dear Lord smiled again
Too tired to pray,
Her hands have offered Prayer of love all day.

Edit: I’ve done some searching, which I should have done beforehand, I suppose. It would appear that this poem is entitled Too Tired To Pray and was written by Jane Coffin. There are some quotation marks in the original which really make a bit more sense of the poem, but I’ve left it as my grandmother typed it up.


The Bentztown Bard

January 29, 2009 Leave a comment

Continuing in my series of poems and the like from papers recieved from my grandmother’s apartment when she went into hospice:

Folger McKinsey, the Bentztown Bard, wrote a column in the Baltimore Sun called Good Morning from 1906 to 1948.  It was so popular that it was reprinted for some time afterward.  This column consisted of poems, and my grandmother had clipped a few and saved them. Each column began with the following poem, written by Carlotta Perry:

It was only a glad “Good Morning”
As she passed along the way.
But it spread the morning’s glory
Over the livelong day!

The poems are here.

More information on B.B. is here.

Bread Upon The Waters

January 27, 2009 Leave a comment

Amongst my grandmother’s papers, a letter an poem to my great-grandfather upon my great-grandmother’s death.  Letter and poem after the jump.  I have retained all spelling errors from the original.

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