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Of Toothwork and Thieves

March 15, 2008 2 comments

Today (well, yesterday now) was an odd day. I got up at 5am in the morning, went to the bus stop, and took the bus to the dental college downtown. The work I was having done was being done by a senior who was attempting to pass a board exam and which will eventually allow her to get licensed (I’m pretty sure she passed).

The whole procedure was a unique experience for me. Every time my student dentist finished a step in the procedure, or wished to make a modification to the procedure (it was a drill-n-fill), she had to flag down a “runner” who took the associated paperwork and me to an intermediary table. Several nurses(?) there double checked the paperwork and added more paperwork to the pile and sent me off with another runner, who took me to a chair located on the opposite end of the area from the student. At this point a proctor checked the paperwork, then passed it on to one of the examining dentists who would check the work (both the work on the tooth as well as the paperword). When the dentist was done, he would call for the proctor again. The proctor would double check the paperwork and call another examining dentist. Wash, repeat with 3 or 4 dentists, seemingly depending on if the 4th one was bored or something. Once all the examining dentists were done examining me and the proctor was done checking the paperwork, the proctor would call for a runner who would take me back to the intermediary table where paperwork was messed with again. After that, I was sent back to the student dentist (with a runner, of course), by way of a dentist who seemed to be there to make sure the students understood what the examining dentists wanted to see.

For my time and trouble, I was not charged for the work, and in fact was given a crisp 50 dollar bill for my time. I was looking at the card in which said bill was contained when I realized that if I hurried, I could catch a bus back and make it in time for a meeting I was supposed to be at work for. In my haste, I shoved the bill in to my watch pocket. Most people call this a change pocket (I was wearing jeans) but not only to I not carry change around, I keep my watch in there. Hence watch pocket. Anyway, I put the bill there, but thought I had put it in the regular sized pocket below. As the bus approached the stop, I pulled out my watch. Can you see the fatal mistake? Out popped the bill. Before the bill could reach the ground (and I am not kidding about this), some guy in a red plaid coat swooped down, grabbed the bill and took off. Faced with trying to chase someone over 50 bucks I only had for about 15 minutes or catching the bus, I decided on the bus.

Needless to say my faith in humanity has seen better days. But hey, at least I managed to get this sweet self portrait while waiting for a runner, enjoy:

Self Portrait