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WiScope update

December 27, 2007 Leave a comment

With all the time I’ve had over the break, I’ve devoted exactly none of it to WiScope.  I suppose I’ll just squeeze it in after the break.  Haven’t felt much like writing software the past week.

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WiScope 0.1.4

November 22, 2007 Leave a comment

Well, I released WiScope 0.1.4 today (Happy Thanksgiving, by the way).  Two new features in this release:

*You can now create a that specifies admin access, or just view access. With view access, the contents of the admin tab are disabled.
*Instead of just specifying one SSID for secure, and one for unsecure, you can now specify a list for both.

*You can now use any protocol/port that LWP can handle in to get your association information.

You can pick up 0.1.4 here.

WiScope 0.1.3

November 14, 2007 Leave a comment

Well, the first thing to do for wiscope is to fix bugs, so I’ve released version 0.1.3, which contains nothing but bug fixes.

From the changelog:

0.1.3 –

*Fixed missing backslash in
*Fixed missing content to sitelist write from flex app.
*Fixed missing capital S in init script
*Moved $searchFilter down to where it needs to be in the files.
*Fixed a bug in the order getAssocs wrote to apFeed.xml

You can download it here (Click on the download button to get to the software)


November 8, 2007 Leave a comment

Minor update.  I haven’t been writing anything due to allowing myself to be distracted.  Family life and video games will do that to you.

I went to a computer security show on Tuesday, and it got me in the mood to work on WiScope again, so hopefully I’ll have something to mention about that soon.

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